Cisco AppHosting Converts Your Catalyst 9300 Into A Hive For Your NetBeez Agent

I have been a NetBeez fan for several years now. I started my hive with the Raspberry Pi 2 agent and have been using them ever since. Over the last year or so we have upgraded our hive to include the latest and greatest Raspi agent, as well as include KVM and Docker agents hosted within Cisco Catalyst 9300s. The people behind NetBeez are second to none, and their product keeps getting better and better!

I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with the NetBeez folks, as well as some folks from Cisco, on an upcoming webinar where we are going to discuss Cisco’s AppHosting capabilities, combined with Netbeez, on the Catalyst 9k line of switches. Notice I didn’t specifically limit the previous sentence to just the Cat 9300 ;). More to come on that later.

Check out a couple blog posts from Netbeez and Cisco about our upcoming webinar!

We still use the NetBeez hardware agent as our frontline troubleshooting tool when we need to deploy an agent remotely and monitor “network issues.” We are all familiar with those times when we get reports of “network issues” just to find out when we get onsite to troubleshoot, that “the issue went away.” We use the hardware agent a little differently than most. We will leave the hardware agent behind to collect and relay data back to our dashboard so that if the issue returns, we can see the problem first hand, from the client perspective.

Over the last year or so, with the addition of virtual Netbeez agents, we have been able to change the game of monitoring the network. Being able to leverage existing switching infrastructure, specifically the Cisco Catalyst 9300, we are able to deploy Netbeez agents “inside” equipment we already own using Cisco’s AppHosting capabilities!

Combining the power house Cisco Catalyst 9k line of switching with the capabilities of Netbeez has been very rewarding in many ways. Join NetBeez, Cisco, and me on September 10 at 1PM EST to see how we are changing the way we troubleshoot and gather information from the network in dynamic times!

Sign up for the webinar here –> Netbeez Cisco App Hosting Boosts WAN Performance for Loudoun County Public Schools

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