CWNE Application

I appreciate the opportunity to be considered for Certified Wireless Network Expert.  Since getting started in wireless networking nearly six years ago I have grown to love Wi-Fi.  The amount of information that I have learned by taking all four CWNP certification tracks has been one of the most rewarding  things in my career.  I have been fortunate to meet several individuals on my Wi-Fi journey that have walked beside me and mentored me into becoming the Wi-Fi professional that I am today.  As I reach for the summit I understand that this is not the end.  I understand that if my application is accepted that I have a commitment to continue to learn and provide mentorship and leadership in the Wi-Fi field.  I will take these responsibilities seriously.







CWNE Application

Essay – Dell Broadcom 15xx Series Wireless Card – Four Way Handshake Timeout

Essay – Designing For Single Channel Architecture

Essay – Virtual Cell and Co-Channel Interference

Please also look for an SCA section in forthcoming Certified Wireless Network Professional textbooks

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