Distributed Network Monitoring with NetBeez

The following post was inspired by my dude Lee Badman (aka @wirednot, aka Beef Wellington).  He is a very talented writer and WLAN professional among other things.  If you don't currently follow him on Twitter or read his work, I highly recommend following him and checking out his blog.  His contribution to the wireless community … Continue reading Distributed Network Monitoring with NetBeez

MetaGeek Chanalyzer Plus Cisco CleanAir

What I am about to write about is nothing new.  Some of my wifi peers have written about Chanalyzer and Cisco CleanAir or various aspects of each or both before.  I am going to take you through my journey to get a lightweight Cisco 3502i converted back to autonomous code and connected to MetaGeek's Chanalyzer. … Continue reading MetaGeek Chanalyzer Plus Cisco CleanAir

*UPDATE* Mis-Information Fixe(802.11)r

It has been brought to my attention that I may have posted some incorrect information. Thanks to both Andrew von Nagy and Jason Hintersteiner for raising the question of whether or not .11r is enabled by default. After thinking more about this, I realized that this would in fact be a weird default setting. After … Continue reading *UPDATE* Mis-Information Fixe(802.11)r

Husband, Father, Wifi Fixe(802.11)r

****UPDATE**** Thanks to Andrew von Nagy and Jason Hintersteiner for bringing this to my attention.  The 802.11r (FT) default setting in both the Meraki dashboard and Cisco WLC is in fact set to DISABLED.  I don't recall changing this setting, but I must have.  My apologies. ***************   At my house I have many duties.  … Continue reading Husband, Father, Wifi Fixe(802.11)r

1001 Meru-vian Nights; An Introduction

Yup…I’m that guy.  The “I like my SCA, MCA’ed” guy.  Sometimes I feel like I am the only one that lives on the “single channel architecture” island.  It took quite some time to actually admit to my wifi peers that I used and liked Meru wireless.  I am, however, vendor neutral.  I LOVE all wifi!  … Continue reading 1001 Meru-vian Nights; An Introduction