Distant Beacons – Part 2 – A Single Port in the Storm

Note - Lighthouse image was used with permission from Ranveig Marie Photography.  Check out her stuff here:  Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr. This is part two of a multi-part post describing the tuning of Single Channel Architecture/Virtual Cell and taming ChromeOS roaming behaviors.  Part one can be found here. It is no secret at this point … Continue reading Distant Beacons – Part 2 – A Single Port in the Storm

Fortinet, Meru, FortiRu Forti-WHO?

Since last week's open letter to FortiRu, I came to the realization that there may be some confusion related to Fortinet's AP product line.  I decided to throw this post together so that it is easier to understand which APs are what, and which category they fall into.  Keep in mind this is a high … Continue reading Fortinet, Meru, FortiRu Forti-WHO?

#WLPC 2017 PHX, #SingleChannelAdventures, and Looking Back

It has been a couple weeks since I returned from WLPC in Phoenix.  It was a great trip down to the southwest which included catching up with some good friends, listening to great presentations, learning a lot, and also presenting on a topic near and dear to my heart.  I was able to put a … Continue reading #WLPC 2017 PHX, #SingleChannelAdventures, and Looking Back