Since the Last Time We Talked; WLPC on the Horizon


The countdown is on.  There is less than a week until the Wireless LAN Professionals conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  This will be the first WLPC that I attend and I am really looking forward to it.  I am in the process right now of completing a presentation for a  TEN Talk that I will be doing during my stay in the desert.  I am looking forward to seeing a bunch of guys that I met at Cisco Live, especially a group that I have grown especially close to; Brennan Martin, Rob Boardman, and Stewart Goumans #hosers.  I am also looking forward to putting more faces to names with people I have talked to via social media and haven’t met in person.

A lot of things have happened since the last blog post:

  • Nexus 9k ToR project in our data center
  • Replace all Avaya equipment with Cisco 3850s one school at a time, typically 2-3 schools a week
  • Applied for and selected into Cisco Champions
  • Preparing to open two new school buildings
  • Presentation to staff members helping with basic wifi troubleshooting
  • Surpassed 5700 access points
  • New high score of 68k concurrent clients on the wireless network
  • Preparing for Nexus 7k core install
  • Studying and preparing for CWDP
  • Became a Volunteer Examiner for the ARRL
  • on and on and on…

As you can see I’ve been pretty busy so WLPC should prove to be a relaxing time where I can refocus on the depths of wifi.  I am also looking forward to giving everyone a little taste of how well SCA works for us.

Safe travels to all you wifi peeps that I will see in a few days!

Shout out to Michael Martin at Art Expressions in Saskatoon, Canada.  He has brought at least two amazing things to this world that I know of.  First, Brennan Martin, aka CdnBeacon and the badger SCA logo at the top of this post.  He was awesome to work with, even after bugging him with changes to logo as he was designing it.  Please check out his website.  I can highly recommend his professionalism and product!

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