Moms Love Mist

Mist Systems was another Mobility Field Day alumnus who chose to return and show us what they have been working on over the last year.  Mist has a very solid product line driven by a who’s who of individuals from the wireless industry.  For a refresher on who Mist is, check out this video from last year at MFD2. Mist has been working diligently on establishing a foot hold in the wireless industry.  Sudheer Matta, VP of Product Management, shared with us the steam (no pun intended) that Mist has been gathering within the market.  Mist has accumulated a couple Fortune 10s, several Fortune 100s, a bunch of large retailers, and a few airlines.  It seems as though confidence in the product is only increasing which is good to hear!  Check out the video below for an update.
One of the biggest developments from Mist recently is the release of Marvis, their Virtual Network Assitant.  Marvis builds on and moves beyond what Mist is already known for, AI and machine learning.  Marvis simplifies the view of your network and can notify users of impending trouble and proactively mitigate the problem as well.  Mist claims that Marvis can identify issues and solve them when they happen, touting “near zero false positive” detection.  Marvis is also capable of combing through collected user data and can make real-time changes to the network based on information that it has collected.  Watch the video below where Bob Friday, co-founder and CTO, explains how Marvis works.
Mist did a great job of presenting but the most interesting thing that occurred took place after Mist presented at MFD3.  When listening to the fellas from Mist, you will definitely see how passionate they are about the product and it’s importance to potential customers.  You get the impression that they truly care about and believe in the Mist product.  Anyone who has listened to Sudheer Matta’s excitement about Mist will agree that he absolutely believes in the capabilities of the Mist product line.  After Mist’s presentation at MFD3 I received a phone call from my mother.  She was very excited because she had just watched her son on a live stream on the internet (Moms get excited about that kind of stuff).  We began to talk about the first presentation and how it went.  The thing that surprised me most is that my mom understood and could hold a conversation about what Mist was about and their new product Marvis.  I had to stop for a second and try to remember who the lady was on the other end of the phone.  To know my mom is to understand that she is self admittedly NOT a tech person.  With that said she came away from the presentation with a fairly decent and basic knowledge of the product and had valid questions for me!  She told me how she thought Marvis was cool and how you could tell Sudheer really loved what he did.  She had genuine take away from the presentation which really blew my mind.  We talked for a few more minutes and then she wished me luck and we said goodbye.  I immediately began to think about Mist’s presentation and what I had just heard from my mom.  I came to the conclusion that Mist has really aligned themselves well with potential customers; those who are fully involved with the networks they maintain and those who know who to call when they need something addressed.  Mist was clear and concise about their product.  They presented the deep capabilities of the product and did it without being overwhelming.  We have seen and heard presentations before where we come away with a big bag of buzzwords, marketing hype, and no real foundation.  This is where Mist is getting it right and has a major advantage in a market clouded with big data, over used buzzwords, and a massive amount of information that could make even the savviest of customers want to run in the opposite direction.  They had made a connection with someone and were able to deliver their message clearly, simply, and without being over the top and confusing. Mist is still very young in the wireless game. It is obvious they have the right people with the right wireless pedigree steering the ship.  Their love and confidence of the product can only make Mist a bigger player in WiFi and analytics.  I am interested to see their 802.11ax offering and how they implement WPA3.  Keep up the good work guys! Watch other MFD3 videos from Mist below.

Mist Systems Software Architecture with Bob Friday and Sudheer Matta

Mist Systems AI-driven RRM with Bob Friday and Sudheer Matta

Mist Systems AI for IT with Sudheer Matta

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