Hau Is This Happening?

What is causing the mass exodus of some of the most prominent, customer facing employees at Ekahau?  People like this just don’t leave.  Many of you are like me and are wondering what is going on over there.  I am worried as a customer.  I am worried as a friend to current and former employees.  I am worried as a person who loves Ekahau’s tools and software.


I, like many of you, have been involved with beta testing, webinars, interviews, and just liked to be around Ekahau and the people who make it great.  One of the most appealing things about Ekahau is how they relate, listen, and respond to their customers.  They have built tools that make our jobs easier and help us to be successful.  As a guy on the outside, it looks as though the folks at Ziff Davis either don’t understand this or think it isn’t valuable.  It would seem that they would understand this type of relationship and how it has made Ekahau great prior to it’s purchase.  So why are all these valuable assets leaving?  I just don’t get it…


So here it is.  j2 Global and/or Ziff Davis, I’m asking that you tell us what is going on.  Why are industry leaders leaving in droves?  Please don’t direct your answer to me.  Direct your answer to your wireless constituents.

There is a fire burning and it is getting out of control. Put the fire out before there is nothing left to salvage.  I know you don’t owe us anything but your silence on this matter is only going to fuel the flames.  Make sure you are honest with your answer.  The continued success of your product is in the hands of your customers and we want answers!  We care about the product, we care about the company, but most of all we care about the people and the relationships they have built.  We don’t want to see something very special, die.

Things are NOT ok.  You CANNOTignore this.  People are talking…

2 thoughts on “Hau Is This Happening?

  1. What a bummer! I was interested in getting started with Ekahau, but now I’m reconsidering. What alternatives are there? I’ve used NetSpot and FortiPlanner, but they both leave a lot to be desired.

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  2. Exactly, Victor – The alternatives are pretty slim which is adds some sprinkles of mild panic to the sadness ice cream of the Ekahau team/product imploding. After creating a flexible product in the Sidekick + iPad survey kit, we are now faced with slim alternatives and a bleak outlook! Fingers crossed they work it out or, if all else fails, a competitor can create a good product in its stead.

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