Chroaming Threshold

Please help me collect data about the Chrome OS operating system, specifically the Roam Threshold of the WLAN adapter.  Please fill in the fields below as best you can.  The information that is gathered will be used to correlate roaming tendencies based on model, Chrome OS version, and/or WLAN adapter.  Thanks to Eric C for helping with the idea and command list.  None of the information gathered can be used to uniquely identify you or your device.

The Chromebook Model can typically be found on the underside of the device, ie Acer Chromebook C740.

The following information can be gathered by opening the Chrome browser and entering chrome://system into the url bar.

  • Chrome Version (very first line)
  • WLAN Adapter Model (scroll down to “lspci” and click expand and find “Network Controller”)
  • Roam Threshold (scroll down to “network-devices” and click expand and find “RoamThreshold”)

This information can also be found using CROSH.  To launch CROSH, press Ctrl + ALT + t at any time.  A window will pop up and have a “crosh>” prompt.  The following commands should get the same information

  • connectivity show services
  • connectivity show devices